Life’s too short to waste it on TV shows, annoying jobs or boring people. Saddle up and leave it all behind!

Horseback riding is an excellent way to reload because it’s a perfect blend of physical exercise and entertainment. And even though Ukrainian saying claims that it’s no misfortune to fall off a good horse, we believe otherwise. That’s exactly why all our horseback riding lessons and extended courses are developed from scratch and tailored to each client’s interests and experience. Our trainers take into account your goals and previous riding experience (if any) and come up with a training or entertainment plan that suits you best. Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden a horse before — we’ve all been there. Neither your age nor previous riding experience matters — what truly counts is your excitement and desire to connect with a horse. Riding lessons are easier than they seem! 

For ten thousand years, men have been trying to tame horses. Every day, a man would start the same job — a difficult and a dangerous one — with each new horse.

For ten thousand years, men have been falling off horses and mounting them again. They’ve been inventing cars and planes, and still — they would get on the horses’ backs.

Lviv, Zymna Voda, M11 highway, 4 km from Lviv city limit

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