For those who’ve never ridden a horse

Amateur horse riding for kids and adults at WEST STAR school is an excellent opportunity to spend a truly memorable weekend, pamper your other half with an unforgettable romantic date or simply get some rest from the city hassle. Single-time rides and lessons do not require any special skills; all you need to spend some time with nature is a good mood and the desire to experience new things!


Exciting horse rides are a perfect way to find inner peace and balance. Any work-related stress or routine chores will fade in comparison to a relaxing yet memorable horse ride. Amateur horse riding gives everyone a chance to reload and spend some quality time outdoors. Lviv suburbs is exactly the spot you need — not too far from the city center to get there by car or bus, yet remote enough to reconnect with nature and find the inspiration you need to go on with your daily routine. Besides, you can make use of this opportunity to surprise someone you care about — a gift certificate from WEST STAR is the kind of present that leaves a lasting impression on the recipient. 


Getting ready for your first amateur ride

To go for a horse ride, you do not need to purchase any special clothes or equipment. Still, you’d rather make a note of the following tips:


You should go with comfortable clothes that do not hinder your movements. You should be able to lift your leg to mount a horse easily, so we suggest going with jeans or any other pants that are not too tight or slippery. You should avoid wearing shorts (our saddles are 100% leather, so naked skin can get blisters after an hour-ride) and skirts.


Shoe soles should not be slippery either. You can wear shoes with a heel, but it should not be too high — 2-3 cm is fine, but no more. Snickers with a non-elastic rubber sole is a perfect option. You should also avoid sandals, slippers, toeless shoes, stilettos, lug soles, etc.


Using a safety helmet during an amateur horse ride is not obligatory, but is welcome. West Star trainers will give you one on request and will make sure the size fits you perfectly.


And finally — horse riding is not just a fun and exciting way to relax; it also has plenty of benefits for your health. Riding keeps all of your body muscles in good shape, improves balance, reaction, and overall coordination. Pamper yourself — combine the fun and the healthy with an amateur horse ride from WEST STAR!

Lviv, Zymna Voda, M11 highway, 4 km from Lviv city limit

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