We work by appointment because all lessons and trail rides are scheduled and supervised individually. 


Reach out to book your ride: 

+380 97 032 63 49 (+Viber)

+380 93 867 24 47

+380 50 134 45 28 (+Viber, +Telegram)

Why Should you Book a Horse Riding Appointment a Day in Advance?

When you book an appointment, you always know that both horses and trainers are waiting for you. You arrive, get in the saddle, and enjoy the ride. If you stop by unexpectedly, there is always a risk that no one’s here to welcome you — or, at least, you may have to wait before other people finish their lesson. Even if you hit a free hour, there is always a chance that horses are not yet ready to spend the time with you. Even putting a saddle on a horse always takes some time, not to mention the fact that your mount should be clean before every lesson. Cleaning is essential not only for your comfort and overall aesthetics but mostly because any dirt or dust under the saddle can make a horse sore. Usually, cleaning and saddling a horse takes up to an hour, so in case of horse riding lessons, spontaneity is not your best friend. 

How do you Get to West Star Horse Riding School?

Since we are located in the suburbs — on the border of two administrative units on top of that — Google maps still have trouble reading our exact address. But no worries — everyone has geo-coordinates! Our location right here, on the map to the right, so simply click on “Directions.”


Right now, there are several ways to reach our horses and meet them. 


By car

The best option, coordinates are on the map to the right. If you get a cab from the city center, the drive will cost you around 150 uah. 


Public Transport 

To Zymna Voda, where a trainer will meet you by car and drive directly to the horses (about 5-7 min drive). You ride to the bus stop (on demand) next to the Church of Peter and Paul. Currently, there is only one bus route to get there


Route 156, Forum Lviv — Suchovolya.

To Konopnytsa, where a trainer can pick you up by car or meet you with horses. The latter is a great option because you do not waste any time. A few steps from the bus stop, you arrive in the picturesque forest, lovely during every season — and you already do that on horseback. 


Route options:

Any bus heading to Horodok from Lviv local railway station. Usually, those are going to be routes 




However, there are other options as well; for more details, click here.


What should you wear for a horse riding lesson?

Western saddles do not call for any special clothes, but of course, you should dress comfortably. The best ideas:

  • Jeans (not too narrow) or any other pants made of slip-free material. 

  • Comfortable shoes with soles that are not too flexible. Remember, high heels and horses could be a good idea for a photoshoot, but definitely not the best option for a horse ride. 

  • Body length outer clothes. Jackets, coats, sweaters, and any other tops should not be too long. Ideally, any top should be no longer than your hip; longer clothes are not at all comfy for riding in the saddle.

  • Warm clothes in cold seasons. Mom is right — you should wear a warm hat. When the horse is running, the wind is whistling in your ears. And if we’re serious, dress weather-wise — you should be comfortable and warm during the ride. Get ready to spend an hour outdoors. 


And, of course, don’t forget your good mood — this is the most important thing to have when you go and meet new horses. The actual horses will thank you even more if you bring some apples or carrots along. Of course, all treats are voluntary, not obligatory ;)

Lviv, Zymna Voda, M11 highway, 4 km from Lviv city limit

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