Truly stunning pics 

In half an hour, you can make hundreds of unforgettable pics with our pro photographer. Thirty minutes is the minimal amount of time you’ll need for a quick photo shoot with a horse, even though you can always order a longer session and spend more time in front of the camera. 


Photographer’s rate:

  • 1 hour — 800 uah

  • 30 minutes — 500 uah


After that, you get all the original photos from your photo shoot, and up to 50 of them can be professionally edited (you choose which ones).


On top of that, you pay for the time with a horse and a trainer to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • 1 hour — 500 uah

  • 30 minutes — 300 uah


Total price of a photo shoot with ONE horse

  • 1 hour — 1300 uah

  • 30 minutes — 800 uah


Two horses:

  • 1 hour — 1600 uah

  • 30 minutes — 1100 uah


If you have your own photographer, you can just bring them and pay only for the time with a horse — we have no problem with that! 


A bonus: wedding photo shoot with horses 

An unforgettable horse ride in the woods combined with a professional photo shoot is an excellent way to make your wedding pics stand out. And, of course, even a simple romantic ride on will give any ceremony a royal touch. Our gorgeous, carefully trained horses will make sure everything goes smoothly and will give you hundreds of stunning pictures to remember this special day.


WEST STAR riding school saddles only the calmest and the most trained horses for a romantic ride combined with a wedding photo shoot. We will walk you through picturesque sceneries and unforgettable landscapes. Beautiful setting, combined with the horses’ undeniable charm, always results in astonishing photos your friends and relatives will admire. Before the actual shoot, we will teach you the correct voice commands and explain the basics of controlling a horse with reins and bridle — to make sure your shoot is not just safe but also easy. 


There is no perfect season for a wedding photo shoot — all of them have their advantages. Shooting in winter highlights the white in a bride’s dress, while lovely scenery adds a romantic touch in any weather. Fall might be the most colorful and mysterious season for having a wedding photo shoot — greens, reds, and yellows will make all your pics eye-catching and memorable. Spring and its first blooms will make any session romantic, adding a delicate touch to all of your pictures. Summer photo sets will wrap the newlyweds in vibrant greens, and bright sunshine will add a colorful touch to every pic. 


Besides, you can always surprise the newlyweds with a gift certificate from WEST STAR riding club. This way, the couple will simply schedule their romantic ride at their convenience and still enjoy all the benefits of riding with WEST STAR.

Lviv, Zymna Voda, M11 highway, 4 km from Lviv city limit

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