Every lesson is a step towards a fit and healthy body

horse riding therapy ever more popular. Besides, communication with a four-legged friend has a positive impact on our psyche and overall mental condition. Even a couple of hours with a horse sets people in a great mood, alleviates stress and depression, and helps restore inner balance all of us drastically need.  


Note, however, that WEST STAR is not a certified hippotherapy club, so, unfortunately, we cannot work with such severe diagnoses as autism or spine paralysis (even though there are other experts, as well as specially trained horses that can help you with that). What we specialize in is fitness and physical exercise that acts as a perfect cure for your soul and body. 

A horse ride is the kind of physical activity that affects and involves all body muscles. More importantly, it does not feel like a workout in a gym because you do not have to repeat the same boring, monotonous moves again and again. When riding a horse, your body does this job instinctively, almost subconsciously. This way, the workout happens naturally, so it does not leave you bored or exhausted. Riding is so fun and exciting that the time literally spins away on a horse’s back!


The benefits of physical exercise with WEST STAR horses:

  • Improve bearing, train spine muscles, and flatten your abs

  • Improve your balance and reaction;

  • Lose extra weight without overloading yourself. Most people with extra weight can lose a kilo or even two after one-hour riding trip;

  • Horse riding keeps muscles fit and strong;

  • Horse riding stabilizes heart rate, nervous and immune systems, and improves blood circulation;

  • Horse riding lessons can reduce spine problems, improve posture and movement coordination, alleviate different heart conditions and respiratory diseases, boost metabolism, and alleviate any digestive disorders.

  • Communication with the horses stabilizes the psychological condition, builds muscles, and helps with most respiratory issues.


Besides, even during the most intense workout in a gym, you cannot use all of your body muscles. Horse riding, on the other hand, can do just that — some muscles we never use in our daily life are naturally involved when riding a horse. Such a workout makes one’s body not only stronger but also quicker and healthier. Experienced trainers at WEST STAR riding club will gladly choose the ultimate plan for you, making sure each riding session is not only useful but also enjoyable!

Lviv, Zymna Voda, M11 highway, 4 km from Lviv city limit

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