It’s never too early to learn 

Want to introduce your child to the fascinating animal world and teach him the basics of horse riding? WEST STAR horse riding school works with all children, regardless of their age. Experienced trainers supervise young beginners and guide them through every step of the horse riding process. 


Experienced trainers never leave beginning riders out of sight and observe all safety and precaution measures. Young learners master the basics of horse riding: sitting in the saddle, handling the horse on all gaits, including walk, trot, and canter. Our trainers will help kids learn all the necessary skills they need to feel at home on horseback. 


Every horse riding lesson for children starts with a warm-up and general stretching to make sure their muscles are ready for the ride. These exercises are also aimed at improving muscle tonus, overall coordination and balance. During the first couple of riding sessions, trainers will also pay a lot of attention to teaching the little ones the ABC of communicating with horses and understanding these gorgeous animals.


At WEST STAR riding club, young riders can do more than just take a ride. On request, they can groom the horse, saddle it, take it for a walk, or spend some time in the pasture. All of these steps are aimed at teaching children the basics of horse body language, eliminating all fear, and understanding the basics concepts of responsibility. 


Individual teaching plans will make sure your child has no problem adjusting to a new team. Group horse riding lessons (in twos) are also possible, and are open to all children, regardless of their age and previous riding experience. Team horse riding lessons are an excellent way to make some new friends and learn the basics of team-building.


We all know that modern kids spend way too much time sitting — either studying or toying with their smartphones. Such a lifestyle negatively affects their posture and blood circulation. That is exactly why horse riding lessons in Lviv suburbs are such a great way to spend the time. Combining some basic physical activity while having fun on horseback will definitely help the little ones reload from their studies!


Full-scale horse riding lessons are available for children aged seven and older. In fact, it’s not the actual age that matters, but rather your child’s height — a kid should be at least 110-120 cm high to firmly place one’s feet in the stirrups. But, even if your child is younger (and shorter) than that, you can always take him on a walk with a horse. Meeting the horses, feeding and patting them will still be an exciting experience for any kid!


LESSON COST depending on the training frequency:

  • Single-time lesson: 400 uah/hour

  • Regular lessons (at least once a week): 300 uah/hour

Lviv, Zymna Voda, M11 highway, 4 km from Lviv city limit

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