Tailored to every rider’s needs

WEST STAR horse riding club is a unique spot in Lviv suburbs. We offer you the ultimate outdoor experience that combines having fun and acquiring new skills. On the one hand, you get to relax and spend some time in nature; on the other one, active horse riding lessons will keep you occupied, so boredom is out of the question. 


We take great pride in our horses. They are not just well taken care of — our animals are calm, friendly, and attentive to their riders’ needs. Besides, we always supply students with high-quality ammunition; every piece of equipment is up-to-date, carefully balanced, and designed to ensure the ultimate riding experience — both for the rider and the horse. A professional trainer will guide you through each lesson, teaching you the basics of horse riding, and the picturesque scenery of Lviv suburbs will turn any training session into a memorable adventure. 


Horse riding lessons, for children and adults alike, last one hour. The exact schedule and frequency are flexible, so you can easily choose days and hours that suit you most.


LESSON COST depending on riding frequency 

  • Single-time lesson: 500 uah/hour; 

  • Regular lessons (at least once a week): 300 uah/hour.


In eight lessons, you will learn to sit a horse well, master the basic gaits, including walk, trot, and canter. In 16 lessons, you will learn to control the horse on any gait, gallop included. Individual training programs ensure you spend all training sessions with maximum use.


West Star (Lviv) horse riding school guarantees that soon enough you’ll feel at home on horseback, master different riding styles and techniques and find out just how deft and graceful you can be. And, of course, you will learn that communicating with a horse is pure joy!


Benefits of West Star riding school

  • A whole range of positive emotions 

  • Individually tailored lessons that take into account learners’ needs and previous experience

  • Carefully trained, healthy and friendly horses

  • Learning the riding basics under careful supervision 

  • All safety measures observed 

  • Affordable, justified prices 

  • Flexible lesson schedule 

  • Flexible training programs, based on each client’s needs

  • Improving balance, reaction, and developing a truly royal bearing 


Besides, you can always buy a gift certificate and surprise someone you love with a series of riding lessons. Stylish gift certificates from WEST STAR is an unusual present that will definitely leave an impression on your friends and relatives. This is exactly the kind of gift people remember, so if you are looking for something genuinely fresh, horse riding lessons may offer just that. Our professional trainers will consider your goals and expectations, coming up with a training plan fully tailored to your needs. Even if you have never ridden or seen a horse before, you will soon find out that they are not as scary as some people would have you think. In fact, horse riding lessons are fun and simple!

Lviv, Zymna Voda, M11 highway, 4 km from Lviv city limit

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