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Horse camping trips in the woods or endless fields is a dream that can easily come true with WEST STAR riding school. Camping allows anyone to experience a whole new range of emotions — it’s just you, the might of the horse, and unspoiled beauty of nature. On such a ride, you will have a chance to forget about city hassle and experience all the riding benefits at their fullest.


The length of any camping trip will depend on your experience as a rider, as well as in your desire to learn. The shortest option is a two-hour ride, which is not that different from a typical riding lesson — except the picturesque setting, of course. The longest camping trip may take up to several days and miles crossed on the back of a stunning, carefully trained horse. Whichever duration you choose, WEST STAR trainers will ensure you have all proper riding and safety equipment, as well as skills enough to go through such a trip with ease and excellence. 


Benefits of a camping trip:

  • You do not have to be a pro rider or a qualified sportsperson to ride the basic tourist itinerary 

  • You do not have to carry the load yourself, and anyone who’s been on hiking trip should understand how great a perk this one is

  • Horse camping has a positive effect on your health; it helps to stabilize heart rate & blood circulation and develops a truly royal posture 

  • Gives a chance to reunite with nature and get connected to the magnificent horses that accompany you on this trip 

Camping trips are obviously longer than a typical lesson, so you have to choose clothes you’re going to wear carefully. Comfortable clothes and shoes will ensure nothing spoils your trail riding experience.


What you should wear:

Any pants that are not too loose or too tight. Denim is a good option for Western-style riding, but you have to make sure you’re comfortable with the jeans you wear; most importantly, this pair should not affect your freedom of movement;

A jacket, a sweatshirt, a T-shirt depending on the season and the weather. Once again, you should feel comfortable in those clothes; 

Any boots or snickers with a firm sole. Ideally, shoes should come with laces. Clasps and straps are also an option, but zippers (if any) should be on the outside side of the shoe so that you do not scratch the horse.


What you should avoid:

Elastic soles and high heels (your foot should be straight, with heels lower than your toes);

Wide or overly narrow sports pants (oversized models will crease, giving you blisters; slim fits are often slippery, which negatively affects your grip on the saddle).


Finally, you can always buy a stylish gift certificate to surprise any of your closest friends with an exciting camping trip. Camping with WEST STAR is always an exciting and memorable experience, and we tailor every trip to campers’ needs and riding skills.


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